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Supporting music publishing sector employees and raising awareness of diversity and inclusion matters, focused on disability, accessibility, neurodiversity and intersectional issues.

  • Why AccessAbility?

    The MPA is committed to creating a working and learning environment inclusive of and accessible to disabled people. We want to ensure that disabled people are treated with dignity and respect and given the support they need to thrive. We want to listen to and learn from the needs, concerns and experiences of disabled colleagues and our members and take informed action to be more inclusive and supportive.

    To demonstrate our commitment, we are delighted to be a Disability Committed organisation. We know that disabled people can face various challenges entering and progressing in the workplace, from the accessibility of buildings, technologies and ways of working to the stigma surrounding many mental and physical health conditions and impairments.

  • What is it about and who can join?

    Disabled people are a very diverse group of individuals, and not one experience of being disabled is the same. Not all disabilities are visible or permanent. You do not have to disclose any disability or health conditions at the Network. It is entirely your choice.

    The Network is open to all MPA Member employees, including those working at the MPA, who identify as disabled or have a mental or physical health condition or impairment. This could include colleagues who have experience of:

    • physical or sensory impairments (such as hearing and visual impairments, MS, mobility challenges)
    • neurodiversity (such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia)
    • mental health conditions (such as depression, and anxiety)
    • other health/medical conditions (such as HIV, epilepsy and cancer)

    It is also open to allies.

  • How is the Network hosted?

    The Network is hosted on Microsoft Teams, where members can have conversations on Channels, share files and resources and host meetings online. The DEI (Diversity, Equality & Inclusion) Team are on hand to help and take forward any issues raised by the Network.

    The Microsoft Teams site is a private group and, though there is some degree of visibility when you join (other members can see who you are), we request that members maintain strict confidentiality about its membership and contents.

    This Network is supported by the MPA DEI Team, but it is not our Network: it is yours. We hope that the Network will be led by you for you. We are gathering ideas on how members want to run the Network and what you want to get out of it. Colleagues have the opportunity to contribute in various ways: for example, through Team Meetings online, Channel discussions via Teams, as well as by email or phone.

  • Leadership for AccessAbility

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If you’d like to join the AccessAbility Network, please contact Helen Choudhury via the button below

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