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Taking Care of Mechanical Rights

Representing and protecting music rights for 100 years

Just as mechanical reproduction has evolved over the years, so has our organisation. As we enter our second century, we’re relaunching our brand to better reflect our business and ambition. A proud member of the MPA Group, we protect the value in our members’ repertoires as they are reproduced mechanically.

With every reproduction, the power of the work gets greater, and we work to help our members amplify their impact and their returns.

Why we exist

MCPS collects and distributes mechanical royalties for music publisher, songwriter and composer members, alongside our network of global affiliate societies, when their music is reproduced in any format.

For over 100 years, we have represented mechanical rights holders, protecting and licensing their rights as their works are reproduced worldwide: whether via streaming, downloads, broadcast, international, vinyl/CD/DVD and more.

The History of MCPS

Want to know more?

For more information about MCPS, our history, activity and how to join, watch this space for the new MCPS website coming soon.