The value of music publishing

The MPA acts on behalf of 280 businesses that invest in, license works by and support the livelihoods of songwriters, composers and lyricists – ranging from the UK’s largest and most established music publishers to independents and start-ups across all genres. These companies are the engine room of British music, they support our music makers and drive an extraordinary cultural and economic success story.

Music publishers generate over a quarter of the UK’s £2.5bn in music exports. To this day we are one of only three net exporters of musical repertoire around the world. As a trade body, the MPA champions the interests of our members to government, to the music industry, to the wider creative and business community, and to the general public.

We work to promote an understanding of the value of music and the importance of copyright. We nurture the next generation of music publishers, providing extensive training and commercial support, as well as priority access to music industry events and conferences.

The MPA also owns and operates 2 commercial businesses:

  • MCPS, the UK collection society that licenses mechanical (or reproduction) copyrights on behalf of over 26,000 music publisher and composer members.
  • PMLL, to license the copying of printed music for schools.

Collectively, these subsidiary businesses are known as the MPA Group of Companies. The MPA offers a number of other commercial functions for music publishers – including our range of widely-used template contracts, our blanket industry agreements, and in our role as the national agent for the dissemination of ISMNs.

If you would like to know more about the MPA, music publishing or what a music publisher does, then please visit our FAQ section.

MPA Articles of Association

Articles of Association

The MPA’s Articles of Association govern the make-up of our membership, the structure of the organisation, voting and board elections. As well as music publishing businesses, the articles also cover Corporate Associate Members.

Equality & Diversity policy

Music knows no boundaries, and the MPA is committed to championing a diverse music business that allows anyone to succeed regardless of gender, background or nationality.

We are proud that the make-up of the MPA’s staff is split equally by gender, and we have helped lead UK Music’s Diversity Taskforce.



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The Music Publishers Association is the trade association for music publishers in the UK. We have around 260 members, covering every genre of music.

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