The value of music publishing

Music publishing generates over a quarter of the UK music industry’s £2.5 billion in export revenue and British songwriters wrote or co-wrote 21 of the top 100 selling works in the US in 2016. As well as safeguarding and championing the interests of its members, the MPA aims to promote the value of publishing to the wider music industry, creative industry, government and the general public.

The MPA also owns and operates two commercial businesses:

Collectively, these subsidiary businesses are known as the MPA Group. The MPA offers a number of other commercial functions for music publishers – including our range of widely-used template contracts, our blanket industry agreements, and in our role as the national agent for the dissemination of ISMNs.

Please visit our FAQs section if you have any questions about music publishing, print music, copyright or a career in music publishing.

MPA Articles of Association

Articles of Association

The MPA’s Articles of Association govern the make-up of our membership, the structure of the organisation, voting and board elections. As well as music publishing businesses, the articles also cover Corporate Associate Members.

Equality & Diversity policy

Music knows no boundaries, and the MPA is committed to championing a diverse music business that allows anyone to succeed regardless of gender, background or nationality.

We are proud that the make-up of the MPA’s staff is split equally by gender, and we have helped lead UK Music’s Diversity Taskforce.



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Our Members

The Music Publishers Association is the trade association for music publishers in the UK. We have around 240 members, covering every genre of music.

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