MPA Announces Year of Partnership with Youth Music


MPA Announces Year of Partnership with Youth Music

The Music Publishers Association (MPA) is delighted to announce a year of partnership with youth opportunities charity, Youth Music. The partnership will commence from the MPA’s 60th Anniversary Christmas Lunch on the 12th December.

The MPA represents over 230 music publishers, ranging from small start-ups to the Major multinationals. As well as safeguarding and championing the interests of its members, the MPA promotes the value of UK music publishing and song-writing business, to the wider music industry, to government and internationally. The UK music publishing sector contributed £459 million to the UK economy and £618 million in exports over 2018.*

Youth Music are a national charity, investing in local music-making projects which help children and young people aged 0-25 to develop personally and socially, as well musically. Youth Music funded projects help to break down barriers at all stages – helping children develop an early love of music, providing diverse, positive role-models, introducing young people to a wide variety of potential career-paths and working with the music industry to make its practices more inclusive. 

Paul Clements, MPA CEO said:

“I am delighted that the MPA and its Membership are supporting Youth Music as its charity partner in 2020. At a time when we continue to focus on the availability of music in schools and for young people in general, it is great to celebrate the work that Youth music has done to support young talent over the last 20 years, by partnering with them. Youth Music’s work enables access to music across England for more than 80,000 children and young people, very many of whom have had to cope with incredibly difficult circumstances. This is admirable, very inspiring and for many young people, life changing”

Lucie Caswell, MPA General Manager and Chief Policy Officer said: 

As a long-time admirer of Youth Music, it is both personally and professionally exciting to work together. The MPA has its eyes on the future; showing leadership, growing the strength of publishing and enabling future talent. All of these opportunities should be available equally to all and every young person should have access to the life affirming power of music. Supporting Youth Music, we can help to support our leaders of the future”.

Matt Griffiths, Youth Music CEO said:

‘We’re honoured and excited that the MPA have chosen us as their Annual Charity Partner. There’s a real meeting of minds between us, sharing a joint determination to make sure that young people’s diverse music-making can thrive and get noticed in these challenging times. And we’re both determined to do something about it, taking practical actions to improve the situation particularly for young people who face the biggest barriers into the music industry both on and off stage. It’s great to see the MPA joining us in this shared mission and we look forward to other music industry bodies doing the same.’ 


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