What is MCPS?

The Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) collects royalties for songwriter and music publisher members alike, when their music is reproduced, in any format – including online, physical and synchronised.

MCPS will collect and pay royalties to you when your music is:

  • copied and used as physical products (such as CDs and DVDs)
  • streamed or downloaded on services such as Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes
  • sync(hronised) into audio-visual entertainment including TV, film, advertising
  • on radio

The MPA Group owns and operates MCPS on behalf of over 30,000 music publisher and songwriter/composer members.

What Can We Help You With?

Copyright & Sync Service:

Did you know that we provide a go-to advisory service, with expertise in copyright information and sync?

We offer a general advice service to those who want to use music – providing copyright, licensing and clearance information for our membership repertoire, to help with licensing music for your production (known as rightsholder information). We can also explain general copyright queries and help to navigate the rights process around your music project.

  • looking to find publishers or writers for specific works?
  • Searching for commercial music to fit the mood or brief for your production?

We can help to point you in the right direction or, to find the ideal composition from our members’ repertoire to match your production to TV, online, radio and more.

MCPS Production Music

MCPS offers quality production music written by professional songwriters and composers. Our simple and cost-effective production music licences offer pre-clearance for any type of usage, access to a huge library of tracks and an easy online purchasing process. Please follow this link for more information on how to license MCPS Production Music.

Songwriters and MCPS; Membership

Audio-visual uses in TV, film and more:

Registering your repertoire with both PRS and MCPS can make your music standout to the teams that choose music for top UK TV broadcasters. 

PRS and MCPS license UK broadcasters and TV production companies under what is known as a blanket agreement.  The blanket agreement allows the broadcaster to use any song without having to request permission directly from the publishing rights owner. The publishing rights are only covered to use under the blanket agreement when 100% of the mechanical right (MCPS) and 100% of the performing right (PRS) is registered, which is why joining both MCPS and PRS is advantageous to un-published composers looking to have their music included in UK based productions. This makes it far easier for broadcasters, and therefore more appealing, to use in their shows.

MCPS Sync Licensing

For unpublished writers and new publishers, MCPS represents a large number of its members for sync, handling the process of negotiation, licensing and invoicing on their behalf for usages in TV & film. With an ever-growing market for use of our members’ repertoire in media and a strong network of contacts and relationships with production companies and broadcasters, we are well-placed to maximise opportunities for your repertoire in sync, whether you are a publisher member or a direct writer looking to further their career. Please contact sync@mcps.uk for further information on this service. Visit this page to join MCPS. 


News; MCPS Sync Achievements

MCPS member Limetree & Arts Music’s fantastic composition “Caledonia” was recently covered by KT Tunstall and Alan Cumming in a campaign for Voices for Scotland. See below!

“A Little Bit of Luck” by our member Mad Muzik Publishing – used in the “Take Us Home: Leeds United ” documentary available on Amazon Prime

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