Key courses include:

From music publishing newcomers to seasoned executives, the MPA provides extensive and expert-led training for all on all aspects of our sector.

Some of our key courses include:

MPA Induction Course

A one-and-a-half day music publishing 101 aimed at new entrants to our sector and those wanting to polish up their skills. The induction course offers an essential overview of the music publishing business, its organisations and their roles.

Each session is conducted by an expert in their field, including songwriters, company MDs, heads of sync and creative licensing, heads of legal and representatives from PRS for Music and UK Music.

MPA/MMF Professional Development Programme

A module-based course aimed specifically at music professionals, and developed jointly by the MPA and Music Managers Forum. Each month dives deep into a different aspect of the business, with guest speakers and educators from across the industry.

MPA Specialist Seminars

Each year, the MPA curates specialised seminars for the exclusive benefit of our members. These will focus on developments in key commercial territories (eg the US, France, Germany) or on specific market developments.