Paul Clements CEO and Lucie Caswell General Manager & Chief Policy Officer Speak to Music Week About Support Strategy for Publishers and Songwriters


Paul Clements and Lucie Caswell spoke to Music Week about how publishers and songwriter/composers can expect to be supported during these difficult times. The rights sector is set to face a predicted delayed hit when reduced royalty payments and collections feed through later in the year. Additionally, reduced label releases and the shutdown of the live sector also present challenges to publishers and songwriters.

To help counter this, the MPA is conducting analysis on how Covid-19 is affecting the revenue aspect of the publishing community and working with UK Music to ensure government is providing appropriate support all areas of the music industry. 

Paul Clements CEO said: “The most important thing we’re focused on right now is ensuring that the revenue keeps flowing, the timeliness of all of this is absolutely key. We have really put a lot of emphasis in understanding what the forecast revenue flow is over the course of the next six months and beyond. Of course, we will start to feel the impact of the situation, so we’re mindful of that and we’re doing the forecasting and working with our members and communicating with them to help them plan as best as they possibly can.”

Lucie Caswell GM & CPO said: “The work the team is doing in the analysis is something I can feed into government to say there are different regimes at different times to bring us all into recovery. As some of the first investors in music talent, publishing is very much the engine of that recovery so we’d like to make sure that the whole ecosystem is included.”

You can read the article in full here.

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