For the benefit of all MPA Publisher Members

The MPA is delighted to announce the launch of 4 new Employee Networks:

  • MPA Gender Employee Network
  • MPA Faith and Belief Employee Network
  • MPA Social Economic Mobility Employee Network
  • MPA Family Employee Network

Alongside building a community, the Networks are generally based on providing support and contributing to personal and professional development in the work environment.

Whether you have a lived experience, live with someone who has a lived experience, are an ally or just someone who is interested in the subject matter, there will be an Employee Network right for you.

The Employee Network will be:

  • Your psychological safe place
  • Your platform where your voice gets heard by the leaders of our sector to influence positive change
  • Your network where you can connect with your peers
  • Your chance to be an employee network Chair, Co-Chair, events organiser and much more

This is:

  • Your chance to engage and make a difference

How can I join?

If you would like to be involved with any of our Employee Networks, please contact Head of DEI Helen Choudhury. Email: [email protected]

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