DCMS Publish Report on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) & Blockchain


The MPA welcomes the Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) Committee’s call on the government to address the scale of copyright infringement in the NFT market. Tackling copyright infringement in NFT marketplaces will not only protect artists and rightsholders from piracy but also music fans from being sold counterfeit materials.

Paul Clements, CEO, MPA said:
“We are pleased to see that the DCMS Select Committee has taken on board our recommendation for greater government action to tackle copyright infringement in the NFT and blockchain market. The emergence of NFTs has introduced new revenue opportunities for rightsholders and creators but also new challenges related to music piracy. The process of minting NFTs of copyright-protected musical works constitutes a reproduction under UK copyright law and requires a licence. Although these licences are readily available through music publishing companies, many rightsholder owners are finding their musical works are being sold on NFT marketplaces without the necessary permissions and licences. I hope this new report by the committee will shed light on the level of piracy in the NFT marketplace and spur the government to act on behalf of creators and rightsholders.”

Read the report here

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