MCPS announces highest distributions in 15 years with £188.4 million paid to members in 2022


£6.7 MILLION FROM 2021

– Expanding membership, now collecting royalties for over 34,000 publishers, songwriters, and composers in the UK
– 4th consecutive year in growing distributions bucking its previous trend of revenue decline
– £188.4 million becomes highest annual distributions since 2007
– Continued focus on driving value and efficiencies
– On the eve of its centenary in 2024, MCPS proudly continues to license copyrights on reducing
commission rates payable by its members

MCPS, the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society, which collects royalties and protects the rights of over 34,000 publishers, songwriters, and composers when their music is copied or reproduced, increased its member distributions to £188.4 million in 2022, a significant £6.7 million rise from 2021. After a period of revenue decline, MCPS has bounced back and grown its member distributions for the 4th consecutive year, generated through reproduction rights in streaming, downloads, broadcast, international, vinyl/CD/DVD and more.


Last year, MCPS increased its membership by 7.5% (with 2,284 new members) and was able to maximise pay-outs through a combination of pioneering strategies. Effective from August 2022, MCPS also reduced its commission rates by 10%, an unprecedented reduction from a collection society allowing more returns for members at highly competitive rates.

Within the 2022 distribution, MCPS also paid to members all excess commissions it generated (after covering its costs to serve), which amounted to £7.2 million. This value is distributed with line-by-line information for convenience and accuracy in onward distributions.

MCPS is also focused on streamlining business practices internationally for faster distributions, resulting in more revenue paid to members while striving to leave nothing uncollected that is owed to publishers and creators for the exploitation of their rights.

Looking at the wider industry, these landmark returns can be attributed to the popularity of entertainment streaming services, robust distributions from international receipts and heightened consumer demand around physical products (particularly vinyl).

As MCPS enters its second century in 2024, the organisation which is owned by the Music Publishers Association, remains steadfast in preserving its heritage as the mechanical collection society of choice for the music publishing and creator communities. Looking to the future, MCPS is determined to build on this legacy by continuing to deliver exceptional service and exploring new opportunities to promote the value of music and its creators

Paul Clements, CEO, MCPS said:
“MCPS is committed to driving up value, efficiency and leaving nothing on the table due to publishers, songwriters and composers. We pride ourselves on optimising our service through effective and innovative strategies, protecting mechanical rights and delivering maximum return for our members. We are very excited about celebrating our centenary next year in 2024 but will of course continue to primarily focus our attentions on increasing member distributions further, and at the most cost-effective rates.” 

Jackie Alway OBE, Chair, MCPS said
“We are proud to present our financial results for 2022 and a milestone 4th consecutive year of growth. Despite facing recent challenges such as the global pandemic, the united MCPS Board and management team have worked tirelessly for our members. As our centenary approaches, we reflect on our achievements and are determined to press hard for further positive innovations for our members.”

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