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Recently founded non-profit, Speak & Sound, is increasing opportunities in the music industry for young people from more diverse & less advantaged backgrounds. With the majority of the industry being from what a 2016 government survey described as “more advantaged backgrounds,”  it’s no wonder the music industry is seen as such a closed-door, exclusive environment. What’s more, with the black and minority ethnic community making up under one-fifth of the music industry workforce, we have a right to expect the same diverse pool of talent behind the scenes as the UK music scene thrives on the creativity of diverse artists & musicians.

Speak & Sound is working in partnership with colleges and music companies to provide work experience placements, seminars, panels & training sessions to help young people develop their skill set and connect them with mentors that promote acceptance and individuality, rather than endorse the industry as an exclusive members club.

We need to start to create doorways between the industry and underrepresented communities which haven’t historically been there because access to the music industry should not be a privilege.

For more information on how to get involved, visit their website and follow their socials:


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