Guidance on photocopying sheet music

Agreed between composers, music publishers and users of printed music - this recognises the balance between the needs of musicians & students to have access to music, and for composers and publishers to be properly compensated when their works are copied.

Guidelines for Amateur Music Hire

These Guidelines for Amateur Music Hire are designed to help those using materials held by music publishers’ hire libraries for non-professional rehearsal or performance.

Code of Best Practice Relinquishments

This document provides detailed support and guidance relating to disputes over relinquishments.

Guidelines for Practice in BBC Music Hire

These Guidelines are designed to support the 1978 agreement between the MPA and the BBC relating to the hire of music from publisher for BBC programming.

Guidelines for Practice in Professional Music Hire

These Guidelines are intended as a contribution towards achieving an efficient service by publishers to major professional orchestras and good communication between all concerned with hiring music material.

Advisory Note From The MPA Regarding Arrangments

Advisory note from the Music Publishers Association (UK) regarding musical arrangements.

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