Helen Choudhury


Having worked in the Diversity, Inclusion and human rights field for many years, Helen joined the MPA because she shares their belief in respect, integrity and fairness.

After seeing both good and bad practices within various workplaces, she strives to create an inclusive working environment for everyone. She encourages colleagues to have open and honest discussions and create development opportunities and platforms which allow seldom-heard voices to be listened to. This raises awareness about diversity, making sure nobody is left out.

She has learned that focusing on diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging allows an organisation to help their employees more effectively. Personal background has an impact on how we feel at work, how we feel we are treated, and how we can be supported. Creating a positive and just environment in the workplace can help colleagues to feel confident speaking up, feel listened to and help promote respect.

Creating a sense of belonging is also important. We have a collective responsibility to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and supported enough to bring their true self to the table. Until we fully understand what is standing in their way, we should not be surprised if people choose not to bring their true selves to work. It takes a lot of energy and emotional effort to mask part of our identity and full disclosure only happens when we feel safe.

She has introduced a number of exciting initiatives and will need the support of you, our members, to make these successful.