Gavin Burness


Gavin first studied Music Business Management at Stow College before graduating from Paisley University with a BA in Commercial Music in 2006. It was during his studies he gained his first experience in mechanical licensing through a work placement with Duncan McCrone at the MCPS Scottish Office.

He gained a real interest in licensing from this placement which led him to apply for a role at PRS in London, firstly working in the member admissions team before quickly moving back to mechanical licensing in the Recorded Media department. In his initial role as Licensing Agent, he gained experience licensing mechanical and synchronisation rights to a wide variety of music users across every conceivable media, the ideal role to learn the trade for many in the UK industry. He went on to become a Key Accounts Consultant and was later promoted to a management position in the licensing team where he built on his licensing expertise and developed his skills in negotiation and business development. Gavin joined the Music Publishers Association Group of Companies towards the end of 2019 as MCPS Project Delivery Manager.