Ornella Akanga


Ornella is a seasoned Policy and Public Affairs professional with a decade’s worth of experience lobbying government on behalf of global brands, public sector agencies and organisations in the private and voluntary sectors.

Prior to joining the MPA, Ornella was a Senior Public Affairs Manager at a multinational government outsourcer and spent several years leading the government relations team of a business trade body. Ornella has a proven track record of delivering impactful public affairs strategies, developing credible policy proposals and achieving legislative change on behalf of organisations.

Ornella’s role at the MPA focuses on lobbying the government for stronger regulatory policies to protect songwriters, composers and rightsholders. The work also involves raising the profile of music publishing and promoting the cultural and economic value of the industry.
As the MPA policy lead, Ornella manages the MPA’s Public Affairs Group Committee.

She holds a degree in French and Politics from the University of Nottingham and is a keen Beyonce fan.