Music Publishing contributes a significant amount to the UK economy according to Measuring Music 2017 report


Following the release of Measuring Music 2017, an annual report by UK Music that highlights the scale of the UK music industry’s contribution to the UK economy, the Music Publishers Association (MPA) is delighted to announce that Music Publishing generates over a quarter of the UK music industry’s £2.5 billion in export revenue. A noteworthy 25% increase from 2015 makes Music Publishing the second largest contributor to export revenue, passing Record Music, which includes Record Labels.

Another significant figure for music publishing is the total Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK music industry’s national income. In 2016 music publishing contributed £473 million, 15% more than in the previous year.
These remarkable figures not only demonstrate the importance of music publishing to the UK economy but the ever-increasing need for music publishing across the UK and the world. As representatives acting on behalf of 300 members from across the music publishing sector, we are thrilled to see that publishing continues to be an essential part in sustaining a healthy economy, and ultimately contributes to a thriving musical landscape in the UK.
Also as a trade body that champions businesses who invest in, license works by and support the livelihoods of songwriters, composers and lyricists we are delighted to see that these contribute nearly over half of the total GVA to the UK’s national income for music.

Jane Dyball, CEO of the MPA Group said:
“2016 proved to be another extraordinary year for British music and the Measuring Music report highlights the industries significant position in a successful UK economy. It also demonstrates music publishing‘s essential part to play in contributing to a diverse and flourishing music scene and culture in the UK’’

You can read the full Measuring Music 2017 report here.

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