Printed Music FAQ


The vast majority of MPA members will derive at least some of their revenue from printed music, whether through direct involvement in the sale or hire of scores and parts, or by the licensing of their print rights via a third party.

Find a piece of printed music

Many printed music retailers have access to the MPA Catalogue of Printed Music and can help to track down and order a piece of printed music for you.

If you are looking for a piece of printed music, you can contact your local MPA Catalogue retailer.

Applying for ISMNs

ISMNs are to printed music what ISBNs are to books. The Music Publishers Association is the National Agency for the dissemination of ISMNs in the UK & Eire. To find out more, or to apply for ISMNs, click here.

Guidelines and Licensing

This MPA’s Code of Fair Practice contains guidance on when you can and cannot photocopy printed music. We also produce Guidelines for Amateur Music Hire to help those using materials held by music publishers’ hire libraries for non-professional rehearsal or performance. The MPA has also developed a Copyright Licensing Scheme for Visually Impaired People. The scheme governs multiple copying of printed music for the benefit of visually impaired people by educational and not for profit bodies.