MPA Welcomes UK Music Diversity Report 2022


UK Music has launched its Diversity Report 2022, which includes the findings of its UK Music Workforce Diversity Survey 2022, as well as an action plan for long-term change.  

Since its launch in 2016, the survey tracks progress, with the aim of helping UK Music’s members to understand the make-up of the industry and help them take action to support diversity and inclusion.  The results show an increase of women in senior positions, though this is still lower compared to men, suggesting social factors such as childcare and menopause may still be barriers to progression.  

The survey also showed a decrease in the representation of Black and Asian workers, as well as those from other ethnically diverse communities, though there was a rise in the number of workers aged 25-34, indicating that efforts to improve career progression may be starting to have an effect.  A key part of the report is a new music industry action plan from UK Music’s Diversity Taskforce. The 5 Ps take a structural approach to diversity and inclusion activities to help bring about long-term change in the industry for all.  

The report also shares data on disability, neurodiversity, socio-economic status, carers, and menopause.  

Paul Clements, CEO, MPA Group said:
We welcome the launch of the UK Music Diversity Report 2022 and their 5Ps plan to support diversity and inclusion across our industry. At the MPA, we have developed a progressive DEI strategy and announced a DEI Sponsor and 10 music industry Champions to support MPA Employee Networks across all protected characteristics. We aim to understand and share issues of career representation, lived experiences and equity. Additionally, we have undertaken an audit of all internal and external communications and documentation to ensure bias-free inclusivity.

Paulette Long OBE, MPA Chair & UK Music Diversity Taskforce Vice Chair said:
The challenge for the music industry is how we use the Plan to move beyond the work that is already under way with the industry's membership organisations and ensure that it is rolled out into the wider music business and creative community.

Read the report here

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