MPA Futures Group release new episodes of podcast featuring interviews with career icons, publishing 101’s, specialist topic deep dives and more, to inspire the next generation of music publishers.


The Futures Group of the trade association for music publishers in the UK, the MPA, has launched their debut podcast. Listeners can expect conversations with publishing role models and in-depth focuses on hot publishing topics, providing tools to equip junior members of the publishing community to navigate their careers.

The MPA Futures Group was created so that the MPA could better connect and engage with members and publishing professionals who have been in the industry for 10 years or less. The group has committee members from publishers such as Manners McDade, Kassner Music, Sentric Music and more.

MPA CEO Paul Clements said:
“The MPA is dedicated to nurturing our younger colleagues and any businesses or individuals who are new to the publishing community. We are proud of our Futures Group for developing this accessible tool and the strides they are making regarding their approach to diversity, outreach and other important work.”

MPA Futures Group Co-Chair Natalie Kassner, Head of Marketing & Sync, Kassner Music said:
“Finding innovative ways to inform and inspire music publishers in the early stages of their career is a key objective of the Futures Group. The podcast series will provide access to conversations with leading executives and creatives, leveraging their insight to support a diverse audience. I am looking forward to seeing this dynamic project grow with its listeners and evolve to meet their needs.”

MPA Futures Group Member Henry Marsden, Head of Copyright, Palm Bay Music said:
“I’m incredibly excited to help launch this new podcast from the MPA’s Futures Group. We have a mission to support and encourage professional development, regardless of background, for both those looking to take the first step into a career in music publishing and those wanting to grow through the industry into executive positions. This new podcast helps to fulfil that aim acting as an accessible resource for anyone interested in a career in publishing. I’m particularly looking forward to how we can develop the podcast to better suit the needs of younger publishing professionals.”

You can listen to the podcast below, read about the MPA Futures Group here and follow them on Instagram here. The MPA Futures Group podcast is available on major streaming services including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and more.

All opinions expressed on the MPA Futures Group podcast are views of the content creators and interviewees and do not represent the views or stance of the MPA.


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