Meet Our New MPA Employee Network Champions


Ray Pagden – Champion for BeYOU (LGBTQIA+)

In the vibrant world of production music, I wear several hats: CEO of Motus Music, which I founded in 2016, Chair of the MPA Production Music Strategic Forum and a Director at the International Production Music Group. I also engage in the music tech sphere, focusing on modernising CWR with the Society Publisher Forum and exploring a recent member of the Metadata Expert Group at ICMP.
In an industry brimming with creativity and diversity, there’s a stark contrast in representation, particularly in senior positions. It’s a gap I’m determined to help bridge, ensuring that the wide spectrum of voices in our industry shapes the decisions we make.
It’s clear that fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of their identity, feels valued and free to express their true selves is crucial for our industry’s growth and success. This is a core value in my role as LGBTQ+ Champion.
When the Music Publishers Association sought someone for this role, it became apparent that suitable candidates were either scarce or hesitant to step into such a visible position. Initially, I too was hesitant, hoping a more experienced individual would emerge as a beacon for the industry. Yet, drawing inspiration from LGBTQ+ leaders in other sectors who have courageously paved the way, I realised the importance of stepping forward. Embracing this role, I am driven by a deep commitment to ensure that LGBTQ+ individuals at every career stage are not hindered but rather feel empowered and represented within our industry. I look forward to contributing to a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse music publishing industry, ensuring respect and equal opportunities for all.

Gary Bhupsingh – Champion for RESPECT (Race & Ethnicity)

My name is Gary Bhupsingh and I am Vice President of UK Administration at Sony Music Publishing. After 10 years of working in various roles at PRS for Music, I joined SMP in 1997.  I have always been hugely passionate about music and to this day cannot believe that I get to work in such a wonderful industry and with some of the greatest songwriters of all time.
Throughout my working life, the imbalance between the diversity of music in the charts versus those working in the music industry really surprised me.  How are there so few faces of colour, especially in management roles, and why isn’t there diverse talent across the sector? Sadly, we live and learn just how rigid society can be. The killing of George Floyd in 2020 changed things and finally, the voices of marginalised communities are being elevated and have space to be heard.
Can we help make a change?  Of course, but it won’t be easy, and we must try to do this together.  Together, showing our strength as a community with a shared goal, we can start to make those changes to improve our sector and society.  I look forward to working alongside the MPA’s Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Helen Choudhury, and promise to engage the MPA Membership in looking for solutions which will lead our community forward.

Claire McAuley – Champion for Social Economic Mobility (SEM)

Claire is the EVP of Global Rights Management at Warner Chappell. In her time at the company, she has led a series of strategic moves to overhaul Warner Chappell’s copyright and royalty systems and speed up payments to songwriters. She’s helped to launch platforms to recover missing royalties, secure additional revenue for writers in emerging markets, and better track the global use of songwriters’ music across all major revenue streams, including digital, live performance, film and TV.
Claire joined Warner Chappell in 2018 as VP of International Operations, before being promoted in 2019 to become SVP of Global Administration. She began her career in the music industry at BMG Music Publishing in 2006, before going on to work at Universal Music Publishing, advertising agency TBWA and the Music Publishers Association.
She currently sits on the board of directors of the Music Publishers Association and the Mechanical Licensing Collective.


Rachel Lindley – Champion for Faith and Belief

I’m Rachel Lindley and I’m Director of Music Publishing at Oxford University Press, where we publish choral, classical and educational music. I started my career editing publications at Wise Music back in 2006 after studying Music and then Law, teaching music in a school and working in a music shop. During my career, I’ve been predominantly in the printed music sector, but I also launched music education platforms and worked within book publishing. I’m motivated by playing a part in amplifying the reach of fantastic composers, inspiring excellence in the next generation of musicians, and enabling more people to enjoy making and experiencing music, whatever their background or personal circumstances. I’m currently on the board of directors of the MPA and PMLL, and a trustee of London Choral Sinfonia.
I’m proud to be a champion for Faith and Belief as I know that, for a person of faith or who has been brought up in a faith, it is intrinsically linked to their identity, communities and social networks. Regardless of what any of us believe at any given moment, faith and belief influence the choices we make, give us unique perspectives, and can also bring challenges to navigate. I believe we become stronger by knowing more people who are different to us, so my hope is that in this network, people of all faiths or none can chat, learn from one another and feel supported.


Natasha Pattenden – Champion for Family

My name is Natasha, and I am Chief Operating Officer for an independent music publishing company called 235. I began my career at what was back then the MCPS-PRS Alliance after graduating with a Music Business Management Degree. With a keen interest in learning more about music publishing, I then went on to further my career at Universal Music. I learned so much there and met so many people who strengthened my passion for wanting to do right by songwriters. When Kobalt approached me during their early start-up days to head up their Client Service division, I jumped at the opportunity and spent the next 14+ years developing what was later re-branded Writer & Publisher Relations. Having been on the most incredibly rewarding journey with Kobalt, I left there in 2022 and have been at 235 Music Publishing for just over a year, overseeing all operational functions and helping to build a really exciting new go-to company for songwriters.
I am incredibly driven, loyal and passionate about what I do not only in my career but also in my personal life. I have two young children at primary school and they are a huge part of why I feel so equipped to be championing this Family Employee Network. Many employers have made significant progress over the past decade regarding flexible working for employees with dependents, however, sadly there are many employees still struggling. Whilst more is being done now than it was 10 years ago to support employees with family commitments, there is still a lot of work to do. Juggling and maintaining a good work/life balance comes with a huge amount of challenges and I am passionate about creating a safe place to discuss and, where I hope, we can impart some positive change.
Almost all of my spare time is dedicated to my children, however, in any free time that I do have, I enjoy reading, baking and binge-watching a good TV series with a good red wine!
If what I’ve said resonates with you at all, either as an employer or an employee, then please come along to our sessions, I’d love to meet you!

Maria Forte – Champion for GenerationMIX

Maria Forte has worked in the music industry since she started at Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd. in the late 70s. She began in an administrative capacity and remained there for 14 years, the last 5 years as General Manager, until the sale of Virgin to the EMI Group. She worked with many contemporary bands/writers including The Police; The Human League; Culture Club; Soul II Soul; The Clash; Stereo MCs and The Prodigy. During her tenure there, Virgin Music expanded from a London-based entity to a global multi-territory publishing network. She spent 4 years at EMI Music Publishing, running the copyright department as well as setting up and establishing the sampling department. She continued to work with the Virgin Music catalogue as well as the rich and varied catalogue belonging to EMI. In 1996, she returned to work with Richard Branson and was a co-founder and Director of Commercial Affairs at V2 Music Publishing Ltd. Despite her move away from EMI, she continued to work with The Prodigy at that time, in order to complete the sample clearance work for their multi-platinum-selling album Fat Of The Land. She also worked closely with Liam Howlett on prior albums Experience and Music For The Jilted Generation. At V2 she signed, amongst others, Fluke and Boy George to the music publishing entity.
She left V2 in 2000 to join MusicState as Chief Operating Officer. MusicState offered an online source of pre-cleared commercial music for synchronization. She defined and oversaw the launch of their website/service, creating a template for it and accompanying systems through which it could operate. Returning to music publishing she subsequently joined Sanctuary Music Publishing as Director of Commercial Business where her role included the acquisition of rights (catalogue or writer), as well as operational responsibilities for the company. She worked with a catalogue that included Bert Jansch; Axl Rose; Wasp and Spiritual Beggars. Maria Forte Music Services Ltd. was created in July 2006, working with a wide and varied group of clients across multiple genres and media, including Amnesty International, Iron Maiden & Phantom Music Management, Modest! Management, Radiohead & Warner Chappell, The Really Useful Group, Jazzie B and The Wedding Present.
Maria is keen on working with people from different generations to understand what makes them ‘tick’ and how workplaces can learn to accommodate their needs and preferences, where practical, and can help to prevent division and conflict. Maria understands that each generation has its own wants and needs, and values different ways of working.
Maria is looking forward to working with you, whether you are from the Silent Generation, a Boomer, Gen X, Millennial (Gen Y) or a Gen Z. See you at the network.

To learn more about MPA Employee Networks please contact Head of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion [email protected]

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