Jane Dyball appointed CEO of the MPA Group of Companies


The Music Publishers Association (MPA) is delighted to announce that Jane Dyball has been appointed CEO of the MPA Group of Companies.

Jane, who has been acting CEO of MPA since May 2015, will now assume leadership of MPA, MCPS, IMPEL and PMLL – bringing all four businesses under a single umbrella.

Steve Burton, previously General Manager and Company Secretary MCPS, IMPEL and PMLL will become Director of Operations of the MPA Group of Companies with immediate effect.

Appointed CEO of MCPS, IMPEL and PMLL in January 2014, Jane previously enjoyed a 20-year career at Warner/Chappell Music – running business affairs outside of the US & Canada, as well as directing business strategic issues on areas such as digital rights and collection societies, and setting up WCM’s digital rights initiative.

She has spent many years sitting on industry boards such as PRS for Music, MCPS, IMPA, ICMP and MPA, and started her career at the independent publisher, Virgin Music.

Jane Dyball, CEO, MPA Group of Companies, said:

“Bringing all four MPA businesses under the same umbrella was logical move from an operational sense, and I am delighted to go forward as Chief Executive of the entire MPA Group. Following this period of restructuring we will be in position to deliver even greater value to our members and ensure music publishing is better understood both inside the industry and the wider world.”

Jackie Alway, MPA Chairwoman, added:

“I am delighted that Jane has agreed to accept this role leading the four MPA group companies. It will ensure a coherent strategy across all areas of our organisation, and the MPA Group is very fortunate to have a CEO with such proven business acumen and industry experience. At such a critical time in our industry’s development it is vital to have the MPA Group in such safe hands. This is a time for originality of thought and courage. Jane is the perfect person for the job.”

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