DCMS Economics Of Streaming Inquiry

The emergence of music streaming has had a profound effect on the global music industry. Following a landmark report by the Department of Digital Culture Media & Sport (DCMS) Select Committee on the economics of streaming, the MPA has been working with government to review the music streaming market and contribute to solutions wherever challenges associated with music streaming are established.

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    In October 2020, the DCMS Select Committee began an inquiry into the economics of music streaming. The inquiry sought to investigate the economic impact of streaming on creators remuneration and the wider music industry.

    Following various hearings with industry experts including evidence from the MPA, the Committee published its final report. The report called for a ‘complete reset’ of the streaming market.

    In September 2021, the Government published its response to the report and committed itself to addressing some of the key issues outlined in the inquiry. The  Intellectual Property Office (IPO) were tasked with setting up 3 music industry-led workshops to improve remuneration, transparency and metadata.

    Meanwhile, the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) were instructed to undertake a study of the music streaming market.

    The MPA and our members have been working with the IPO on all of these working groups to develop industry-led solutions on matters of transparency, remuneration and metadata. We have also submitted evidence to the CMA’s inquiry on behalf of our members, ensuring the voice of music publishers is well represented.

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