Ray Pagden



“In the vibrant world of production music, I wear several hats: CEO of Motus Music, which I founded in 2016, Chair of the MPA Production Music Strategic Forum and a Director at the International Production Music Group. I also engage in the music tech sphere, focusing on modernising CWR with the Society Publisher Forum and exploring a recent member of the Metadata Expert Group at ICMP.In an industry brimming with creativity and diversity, there’s a stark contrast in representation, particularly in senior positions. It’s a gap I’m determined to help bridge, ensuring that the wide spectrum of voices in our industry shapes the decisions we make.

It’s clear that fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of their identity, feels valued and free to express their true selves is crucial for our industry’s growth and success. This is a core value in my role as LGBTQ+ Champion. When the Music Publishers Association sought someone for this role, it became apparent that suitable candidates were either scarce or hesitant to step into such a visible position. Initially, I too was hesitant, hoping a more experienced individual would emerge as a beacon for the industry. Yet, drawing inspiration from LGBTQ+ leaders in other sectors who have courageously paved the way, I realised the importance of stepping forward. Embracing this role, I am driven by a deep commitment to ensure that LGBTQ+ individuals at every career stage are not hindered but rather feel empowered and represented within our industry. I look forward to contributing to a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse music publishing industry, ensuring respect and equal opportunities for all.”