Laura May



“I’m Laura May, and I started my own publishing company in 2017. I got my first job in publishing a long time ago after graduating from university with a degree in Music. I moved on from publishing after 5 years but stayed in music. Nowhere was ever the same and after leaving my job in a management company I had the idea for May Music. But before that, in 2012, I was diagnosed with an aggressive type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and after 5 months of intense chemotherapy, I was clear of cancer and began a lengthy recovery. This time in my life really made me think about not only my physical health but my overall well-being. I noticed that when I returned to the workplace the people around me were working themselves into the ground and making themselves ill by doing so. Not just physically run down, but full of anxiety.

Our industry is pretty competitive and there is a lot of pressure to be working all the time. Everybody wants everything now but what we really need to take some time for is a bit of self-care. Mental health issues affect everyone and we need to take care of our mental health in the same way we do our physical health. The aim of BeWELL is a safe space for everyone to get together and be able to speak openly, without judgement about how they are feeling and about what may be making them feel this way. I’m hoping that our discussions about issues in the workplace can guide us to help employers support their employees and understand their mental health needs.”