Peter Thomas


Peter has over 35 years of experience in the music industry, most of which was in the employment of Carlin Music. Having started out in 1986 as Office Junior, he learned the industry through various departments and positions, eventually taking the helm as Managing Director in 2014.

Having left Carlin as a result of their sale to Round Hill Music at the end of 2017, Peter started his own Music Rights Management company, Sentient Music Limited. Sentient currently administers approaching 15,000 songs, including songs written and performed by Prince, Dean Martin, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Mike d’Abo, Faith No More, Fiction Factory, Warren Zevon and many other well-known acts. Sentient also owns a small record label comprising around 1,000 masters and re-mastered recordings. In addition to running Sentient, Peter also consults on a regular basis for a wide variety of companies including publishers, labels, and industry accounting specialists.

As well as serving on the boards of MPA and IMPEL, Peter has worked on many key Publisher/Society committees, sub-committees and working groups including the PPC (now PMPC), the PRS/MPA Ops Group and the MPA legal & Business Affairs and Anti-Piracy committee.