Maria Forte



“I have worked in the music industry since I started at Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd. in the late 70s. I began in an administrative capacity and remained there for 14 years, the last 5 years as General Manager, until the sale of Virgin to the EMI Group. I worked with many contemporary bands/writers including The Police, The Human League, Culture Club, Soul II Soul, The Clash, Stereo MCs and The Prodigy. During my tenure there, Virgin Music expanded from a London-based entity to a global multi-territory publishing network. I spent 4 years at EMI Music Publishing, running the copyright department as well as setting up and establishing the sampling department. I continued to work with the Virgin Music catalogue as well as the rich and varied catalogue belonging to EMI. In 1996, I returned to work with Richard Branson and was a co-founder and Director of Commercial Affairs at V2 Music Publishing Ltd. Despite my move away from EMI, I continued to work with The Prodigy at that time, in order to complete the sample clearance work for their multi-platinum-selling album Fat Of The Land. I also worked closely with Liam Howlett on prior albums Experience and Music For The Jilted Generation. At V2 I signed, amongst others, Fluke and Boy George to the music publishing entity.

I left V2 in 2000 to join MusicState as Chief Operating Officer. MusicState offered an online source of pre-cleared commercial music for synchronisation. I defined and oversaw the launch of their website/service, creating a template for it and accompanying systems through which it could operate. Returning to music publishing I subsequently joined Sanctuary Music Publishing as Director of Commercial Business where my role included the acquisition of rights (catalogue or writer), as well as operational responsibilities for the company. I worked with a catalogue that included Bert Jansch, Axl Rose, Wasp and Spiritual Beggars. Maria Forte Music Services Ltd was created in July 2006, working with a wide and varied group of clients across multiple genres and media, including Amnesty International, Iron Maiden & Phantom Music Management, Modest! Management, Radiohead & Warner Chappell, The Really Useful Group, Jazzie B and The Wedding Present.
I am keen on working with people from different generations to understand what makes them ‘tick’ and how workplaces can learn to accommodate their needs and preferences, where practical, and can help to prevent division and conflict. Maria understands that each generation has its own wants and needs, and values different ways of working.
I am looking forward to working with you, whether you are from the Silent Generation, a Boomer, Gen X, Millennial (Gen Y) or a Gen Z. See you at the network.”