Viki Smith


Viki began her role as General Manager at Printed Music Licensing Ltd (PMLL) in April 2017.  She is responsible for managing all aspects of the PMLL business including areas such as membership, governance, licence management and development.

After graduating from the University of Northampton in 2000 with a degree in Law & Business, she started her career at the Educational Recording Agency. ERA licences the use of broadcast materials (from television and radio), on behalf of its members, to educational establishments such as schools, universities and colleges.  During her time there she worked her way up from Licensing Officer to the Head of Operations.

Since Viki’s background is in educational copyright in broadcast media, she sees a great opportunity in the role at PMLL. Not only so can she use her experience and skill set for the benefit of PMLL, but also to expand her copyright knowledge in a sector she is passionate about.