Mike Box


Mike Box is the Chief Financial Officer of Reservoir/Reverb Music Ltd. Mike joined Reverb Music in 1999, having worked in the industry since 1982 at a variety of labels and publishers including WEA Records, PRT, Sonet Records & Publishing and China Records. Whilst overseeing all aspects of Reverb’s finance and business affairs operations, Mike had a pivotal role in the company’s sale to Reservoir Media in 2012.

Reservoir/Reverb Music are now one of the industry’s leading independent publishers with a succession of worldwide hits over the past few years.

Mike was elected on to the MPA Board in July 2017. He has also served on the IMPEL Board since its inception in 2014 and is the chair of the IMPEL Advisory Group. Mike has also been a member of the MPA’s Pop Publishers Committee for over 10 years and regularly sits on Operational Groups for the MCPS and MPA