John Truelove


John is a composer/producer and a passionate advocate for music rights and the equitable distribution of royalties. As well as his position on the board of the MPA, John is a (writer) board member at PRS and also serves on the boards of the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) and IMPEL.

John founded Truelove Music in 1992 to represent his own output as composer following his successful first release, The Source’s “You Got The Love”.
Throughout the 1990’s he built up the company signing single songs which were mostly released on his own underground dance labels or through the labels comprised in his own ground-breaking label management company, Truelove Label Collective.
Since that time Truelove Music has developed into one of the world’s leading independent boutique publishers of electronic music with a catalogue (as of Sept 2020) of 50,000+ compositions. With direct membership of more than 25 collection societies and agencies worldwide, Truelove Music now boasts significant bargaining power across the globe. It is able to maximise returns for its composers and its administered publishers without the need for sub-publishers or other intermediaries.

Through his hands-on approach John has gained many years’ experience in all aspects of the publishing industry, from A&R to data management and copyright through to sync licensing.

Accordingly, he is personally well-versed in the manifold issues facing songwriters and publishers, and leverages that experience to provide support and guidance both to his own clients and the wider industry.

John is fervent in his belief that we need a more diverse industry with significantly more representation from minority backgrounds and gender equality in all fields of the music business.

A keen proponent of the use of technology to benefit publishers and composers, John has successfully campaigned for PRS to implement Music Recognition Technology (MRT) in festivals and clubs. He continues to campaign for technological solutions across the global community.