Claire McAuley



Claire is the EVP of Global Rights Management at Warner Chappell. In her time at the company, she has led a series of strategic moves to overhaul Warner Chappell’s copyright and royalty systems and speed up payments to songwriters. She’s helped to launch platforms to recover missing royalties, secure additional revenue for writers in emerging markets, and better track the global use of songwriters’ music across all major revenue streams, including digital, live performance, film and TV.
Claire joined Warner Chappell in 2018 as VP of International Operations, before being promoted in 2019 to become SVP of Global Administration. She began her career in the music industry at BMG Music Publishing in 2006, before going on to work at Universal Music Publishing, advertising agency TBWA and the Music Publishers Association.
She currently sits on the board of directors of the Music Publishers Association and the Mechanical Licensing Collective.