MPA Celebrates Pride Month 2024


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Pride month is an annual celebration in June to celebrate how far LGBTQIA+ rights have come and to honour the Stonewall riots, which took place in 1969 in the US. These important protests changed gay rights across the world.

What is Pride Month?
Pride Month is the coming together of people to show their love and support for the LGBTQIA+ community and also to commemorate when the Stonewall riots took place. It is also about acceptance, equality and education in LGBTQIA+ history, raising awareness of issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community and celebrating the work of LGBTQIA+ people.
Pride month calls for people to remember how damaging homophobia was and still can be.

Pride Month in the UK
The first official Gay Pride rally was held in London on 1 July 1972. The date was chosen as the nearest Saturday closest to the anniversary of the Stonewall riots of 1969. Branches of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) were already formed across the US and internationally inspired by the events of Stonewall. In the UK, 2 British Activists, Aubrey Walter and Bob Mellor travelled to the US and attended a convention which invited delegates from the women’s and LGBT+ movements for the first time. After attending this convention, both activists returned home to found the GLF London branch at the London School of Economics.
Although homosexuality had been partially decriminalised in the UK, thousands of men were still being convicted for various interactions. Unfortunately, at the time, there were no legal protections against discrimination based on sexuality.

The London Gay Liberation Front held their first meeting in Highbury Fields in October 1970 where the police had arrested Liberal activist Louis Eakes.
Louis Eakes stated that he was ‘entrapped’ by the police for criminalising a flirtatious behaviour such as winking or smiling into that of ‘importuning’ – seeking a sexual partner in public.

Pride as we know it today started as an act of protest. Although rights for LGBTQIA+ people in Britain have improved, it is invaluable that celebrations continue in support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Pride Month in London
The colourful Pride in London parade takes place this year on Saturday 29 June 2024. It is a free festivities event that brings together people from all diverse backgrounds, creating a harmonious togetherness.
Check the link below for further details and a general timetable of events taking place on the day.

Pride Month celebrations in the UK – List of events taking place
An extensive list of events, festivities and parades taking place around the UK has been accumulated by ‘The Pride Shop,’ where information and resources can be found for the upcoming Pride Month celebrations. They have created a Pride Calendar for various and numerous events taking place around the UK.
Check the link below for all events taking place around the UK.

Why Pride events need to continue
Some people may assume that Pride events are not necessary nowadays, but it is still very important to organise events to support the LGBTQIA+ communities. An informative website (see below for link), explains why there is still a need to continue such events and why it is vital to raise awareness of issues and challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ people.

Some Helpful Links & Resources

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