Who should I send my music to?


Many, but not all, of the MPA's member companies will be actively seeking to sign new writers. 

Of those music publishers who are on the look out for new talent many, but again not all, will be willing to consider demos and/or scores that are sent speculatively be unsigned writers. Examples of work received by publishers in this way, not specifically requested by the publisher,are referred to as "unsolicited materials".

You should only send your demo to publishers who accept unsolicited materials. You can search all MPA member companies using our Directory of Members, and can filter your search to display only those members who accept unsolicited materials. You can also narrow in on those music publishers who might be interested in your type of music by considering, for example, what other music they have published, or by searching by a specific genre (or a number of different genres).  If you have written a song for a particular artist you should send it to the publisher of songs performed by the artist (usually named on the label of the artist’s recordings) or, alternatively, to the artist’s manager, agent, producer or record company.

Those music publishers that are willing to accept material require a demonstration recording or manuscript, which should be labelled and presented as clearly as possible, together with any lyrics written out on a separate sheet. Publishers are under no obligation to return unsolicited material to you. If you wish your material to be returned you should make this clear and enclose a self-addressed envelope with sufficient stamps to cover the return of your material.

Always use protection

Before posting, you are advised to follow one of the procedures set out under How do I protect my music?. Most publishers are inundated with requests for music to be assessed, so be patient as it will take time for your material to be heard. Do not send more than two or three songs. Before signing any contract, always consult a legal advisor who is experienced in music industry agreements. Caution is urged in dealing with publishers or others who ask for a contribution towards the expenses of publication or promotion of your work. This is not a practice to which reputable publishers normally resort.

The MPA cannot put lyric writers in touch with composers or vice versa. However, the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters offers a collaboration service and SongLink International is also a useful vehicle for finding collaborators.

Please note: materials must not be submitted either to the MPA or to the British Academy.