The IMPF Breakfast at MIDEm 2018


The Independent Music Publishers International Forum (IMPF) and the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) held their 3rd Annual Indie Music Publishers Breakfast during Midem.

Attended by over 140 indie music publishers, members and friends of both organisations, the event proved as popular as ever as a ‘meet and greet’ networking event to kick-start the busy calendar of business meetings during Midem.  As one veteran indie music publisher put it “the hour or so I spent at the breakfast was one of the most productive meetings I had there. Seeing so many other independent publishers that I work in one spot was great as we only needed a few minutes of each other’s time to catch up to talk or set up a meeting”.

Pierre Mossiat, Chair of the Board of Directors of IMPF, made three key announcements at the networking breakfast:

  1. IMPF has joined CISAC (the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) as an associate member, so as to better enhance relations between two key stakeholders in the music value chain. This is the first time an international publishers organisation joins forces with CISAC.


  1. IMPF and AIMP will sign a wide-ranging Memorandum of Understanding to afford a closer alliance between the two leading indie publishing associations internationally.


  1. IMPF is planning for a CMS read-only access to YouTube for its members

Pierre Mossiat, Chair of the Board of Directors of IMPF said “IMPF is committed to addressing the unique challenges of independent music publishers everywhere.  In this time of an ever-expanding world of digital music and streaming, it is fundamentally important that indie publishers and the thousands of songwriters worldwide that we represent are paid fairly for the use of our music. Enhancing alliances with like-minded organisations is a step in that direction ”

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