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Career Spotlight

Mary McGovern, A&R, Concord Music Publishing
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Mary is part of the A&R team at Concord Music Publishing’s London Office where she manages an impressive roster of multi-genre artists, producers, and songwriters.

 1. How did you first get into music publishing?
By total serendipity – I was going to gigs and showcases most nights and it was at one of these that a friend introduced me to a publishing A&R who knew a job going and thought I would fit the bill. It was a classic combination of hustle, good first impressions and being in the right place at the right time.

2. What do you love most about your job?
Collaboration – working with amazing human beings from producers, writers and artists, to their managers, lawyers and A&Rs.

 3. What does a working day look like for you? Is there a typical day?
There isn’t really a typical day. This took some getting used to at first, but it’s great having the freedom to be reactive to exciting opportunities as they arise and when inspiration hits. Generally speaking, it’s a combination of pitching writers’ songs to artists, setting up writing sessions, maintaining and growing my network while seeking out new talent to sign or work with our roster.

4. Is there someone or one company experience that has particularly inspired you? A career champion or inspiring team?
I am fortunate and grateful to have been blessed with an abundance of inspiring mentors – individuals from Cooking Vinyl Records, The Orchard, The Young Guns Network, and my incredible colleagues at Concord. I could name names but there is no need. They definitely know who they are – thank you all!

5. What (if any) particular challenges have you faced so far in your career? How did you get past these?
I think a very common challenge has been that of Imposter Syndrome. This is a hard industry to get into, let alone thrive in. You must believe in yourself and rather than see what sets you apart as a negative, turn it into your USP. You bring value to situations because of your uniqueness.

 6. What top 3 tips would you give to someone just starting out in music publishing or taking their career to the next level?
1) People are at the heart of everything so be kind and considerate as you build your network and embark on your journey. 2) Be clear in your own mind what it is you bring to the table and make sure people know that about you. 3) Work hard and don’t give up!

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