Professional development


The MPA is committed to supporting the professional development of those working in the music publishing industry. A continuous survey of our members’ training requirements will help to ensure that our training provision meets those needs.

MPA members benefit from exclusive access to or preferential rates for our highly-regarded programme of training events:

  • The MPA Induction Course is an indispensable guide to the business for newcomers to our industry. The Course takes place four times a year.
  • Specialist seminars offer in-depth analysis of specific topics. Courses have provided expert advice on copyright, contract law, royalties and tracking, synchronisation opportunities and catalogue acquisition.
  • The annual MPA/MMF Professional Development Programme in Music Publishing is a series of six modules each consisting of one evening session. Expert speakers offer analysis of the latest developments within the industry.
  • The annual MPA/MMF Professional Development Programme in Artist/Music Management comprises six 3-hour modules covering all aspects of artist management.
  • The MPA arranges regular briefing sessions on various international territories in conjunction with PRS for Music’s international team.
  • The MPA provides one off briefing sessions on industry related developments and news as and when they are required. Examples of this include “Streaming Demystified” and  “Copyright Term Extensions in Europe”.

The MPA also negotiates discounts for its members on a wide range of relevant external training courses, seminars and events. 

The MPA Richard Toeman Scholarship Scheme is an annual award to support personal professional development. Two winners are chosen each year, one of which must be an existing music publishing employee and the other a final year student or recent graduate. The purpose of the award is to support the progress of outstanding individuals who are either already working within the music publishing industry or are planning to pursue a career in music publishing; to encourage potential, or new, recruits to the industry to develop their skills and experience through study; and to encourage each year’s recipient to achieve an enhanced preparedness for a successful career in the music publishing industry.