The Music Publishers Association launched a brand new initiative in early 2018 aimed at our MPA Publisher Members who are new to the industry or have worked in publishing for less than 10 years. We have initially called the group the Young Music Publishers Association or the YMPA (this name is subject to change).

The YMPA was created so that the MPA could better connect with and engage more with our more junior members. We know that music publishing can be a tricky business to get into, and our role as a trade association is not only to represent music publishers but to nurture and teach the next generation of music publishers to ensure the continued success and diversity of our dynamic business. We understand the vital role that our younger members play in the future of music publishing and the wider music industry, so want to make sure that it is in good hands. 

The YMPA Group will provide job tips, advice, networking opportunities and support new music publishing recruits through this exciting chapter in their career. The YMPA was also created so that the MPA can learn from our junior members and find out how best we can adapt the way we work to support and guide the next generation.

YMPA on Facebook

If you’re interested in learning more and would like to stay up-to-date on all the YMPA news and events, then please join the YMPA Facebook group by clicking here. 

This group is for MPA Publisher Members who are new to the industry or have worked in publishing for less than 10 years.
Use this space to be an open forum for you to share:
  • ideas
  • top tips
  • events
  • discounts
  • jobs
  • & anything else that you think is relevant
This is also the place for you to hear about MPA events, discounts & training so please tell your colleagues & spread the word.

YMPA Events

There are varies YMPA events throughout the year including socials, Evening Sessions and the Peer Mentoring scheme. You can stay up to date with all YMPA events here.

Applications for the 2019 YMPA Peer Mentoring scheme is now open, click here to find our more. Deadline is 16th September 2019.

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