The MPA Announce new Provisional Membership for 2019


We are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new membership category, the Provisional Membership. It will accompany the MPA’s current Publisher, Corporate Associate and Student Membership categories. The aim of this new membership is to support emerging businesses that want to start a music publishing company.

Some of the benefits of the Provisional Membership include:

  • Discounts on all MPA Training and Education events, including the MPA Induction Course, Modern Music Publishing Practice: The MPA Intermediate Course and Specialist Seminars.
  • Access to standard form contracts and the 20 minute legal helpline.
  • Discounted or free entry to member socials, including the Pop and Classical Quizzes, as networking is a vital part of developing a business in the music industry.

Provisional Members will not have the ability to sit on Boards and Committees or have a voting right in the AGM. Also no discount to the Christmas Lunch

The MPA recognise that starting a publishing company and developing it to the stage where it is fully operational can take some time, we hope that the Provisional membership will encourage the formation of new music publishing companies and contribute to a thriving musical landscape in the UK where music publishing generates over a quarter of the music industry’s £2.6 billion in export revenue, and contributes £505 million to the UK economy (taken from the 2017 UK Music Measuring Music Report).

The new membership will only be offered for a maximum of two twelve month terms to run consecutively. The annual fee for Provisional Membership covered the period January to December in line with the publisher membership tier and will be £60 + VAT.

A full list of Provisional Membership benefits and sign up details can be found here.

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