MPA announces new career access scheme – NXT-Gen Scholars


We are delighted to announce details of a new scheme for young professionals in music, granting free, NXT-Gen memberships to Black and minority ethnic applicants. Applications are open to those in the early stages of their careers who are proactive and driven to make an impact in the music industry. The MPA strives to be a catalyst for positive change and to encourage a more engaged, conscious, diverse and inclusive music publishing community.

This programme is spearheaded by MPA Richard Toeman Scholarship 2019/20 winner Clare Everson, alongside MPA Board member, Jackie Davidson MBE of ART Music, both acting as Ambassadors by supporting the NXT-Gen Scholarships. This scheme aligns with the MPA’s pledge to meet the Ten-Point Plan developed by the UK Music’s Diversity Taskforce, to improve diversity and inclusion across the industry (as outlined in the UK Music Diversity Report 2020). Aims of this plan include increasing diverse representation in middle and senior management, implementing better transparency around gender and ethnicity-related pay gaps and, working towards 30% racial diversity on UK Music member boards. 

Benefits of becoming a NXT-Gen Scholar will include: access to all MPA training courses, networking opportunities, involvement in the MPA Futures Group, one-on-one support from our membership team, wellbeing programmes, access to work-experience opportunities and CV review. 

NXT-Gen membership was created to nurture the next generation of music publishers, offering unparalleled access to publishing communities, networking events, knowledge transfer and career-building resources. 

Richard Toeman Scholarship winner Clare Everson said:
“We founded the NXT-Gen Scholarship with the aim of providing opportunities for, and elevating the voices of, those who have been underrepresented in the music publishing industry. Careers in music publishing should be accessible for all, regardless of what means or opportunities have been available to people. This scholarship endeavours to open up networking, learning and support for career progression so that the music publishing industry can in turn benefit from more diverse talent.”

MPA Board member Jackie Davidson MBE said:
“I am proud to act as an Ambassador for NXT-Gen Scholars, bringing my passion for diversity, inclusion and fairness within the industry to the MPA. We have a disproportionate diversity gap across our sector which needs to be challenged head-on. By creating opportunities at all levels, we will be left with a more insightful industry that considers a range of cultural perspectives. This scholarship will be invaluable to our recipients’ educational, networking and career progression within the field of music publishing.” 

Lucie Caswell, MPA General Manager and Chief Policy Officer said:
“The MPA is dedicated to achieving greater diversity and inclusion in our sector and we are proud of our members for showing leadership in this aim. NXT-Gen Scholars is one, great initiative in our wider programme of work, aiming for true equality and equity in a music business reflective of our society. Opportunity, knowledge, recognition and inclusion are the entry points for change”. 

The application form is available to download and share here.
Deadline for extended for all applications until 14th April 2021.

Applications are accepted in written, audio or visual formats. Please direct all completed application forms to Membership and Events Manager [email protected]. 


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