MPA announces first six successful scholars for new diversity initiative, NXT-Gen Scholars, with ambassadors Clare Everson, (Music Supervisor) and MPA Board member Jackie Davidson MBE


We are proud to welcome the first cohort of NXT-Gen Scholars to the wider MPA membership with aim to drive a more proactive, conscious, diverse and inclusive music publishing community.

The scholarship scheme granting free NXT-Gen memberships to successful Black and minority ethnic applicants has been spearheaded by Richard Toeman Scholarship 2019/20 winner Clare Everson, alongside MPA Board member Jackie Davidson MBE of ART Music. NXT-Gen membership was created to nurture the next generation of music publishers, offering unparalleled access to publishing communities, networking events and career-building resources.

Chella Mac, Natalie Reid, Sam Picton, Anthony Lee, Renee Oribhabor and Mez Austin-Davis were all identified as outstanding candidates showing commitment and tenacity to excel in their careers and will enjoy benefits such as: access to all MPA training courses, networking opportunities, involvement in the MPA Futures Group, one-on-one support from our membership team, well-being programmes and access to work experience opportunities and CV review.

NXT-Gen Scholar Chella Mac said:
“I am a firm believer in “Knowledge is Power” and as a NXT-Gen Scholar I will be able to learn & develop, invest in my future, create a service and become a trusted source that can help generate more opportunities for the next generation.”

NXT-Gen Scholar Natalie Reid said:
“Becoming a NXT-Gen Scholar will help bolster the knowledge I have gained whilst studying a Music degree at BIMM London. The MPA is an amazing organisation and having so many opportunities will help the trajectory and longevity of my career.” 

 NXT-Gen Scholar Sam Picton said:
“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be offered this scholarship as a mixed-race man because it means that I will have more chance of being able to provide representation to the next generation of black music publishers as I progress in my own career.”

NXT-Gen Scholar Anthony Lee said:
“Growing up in Yorkshire, I found that there was very little infrastructure or opportunity to work in music outside of London. I had no industry connections, and as a result found it difficult to pursue music as a viable career option. Having focused on building my network, I believe that the NXT-Gen Scholarship will enable me to foster a greater understanding of how best to continue to nurture those relationships and how to navigate the music industry.”

NXT-Gen Scholar Renee Oribhabor said:
“Becoming a NXT-Gen Scholar will allow me to kickstart my career. Gaining access to the wealth of MPA resources and getting the chance to meet people in the field would be invaluable for me. I know that I have the passion and motivation so what I really require now is the resources and access that this scholarship would be able to provide.”

NXT-Gen Scholar Mez Austin-Davis said:
“A NXT-Gen Scholarship will present me with a unique opportunity to enhance my chances of success and help me pursue my dream career that I would not have had otherwise.”

Richard Toeman Scholarship winner and ambassador Clare Everson said:
“The NXT-Gen Scholarship will provide opportunities for, and elevate the voices of, those who have been underrepresented in the music publishing industry. Our impressive first round of scholars have shown their determination to succeed and willingness to innovate and are sure to make valuable contributions to our sector.”

MPA Board member and ambassador Jackie Davidson MBE said:
“As an Ambassador for NXT-Gen Scholars I was encouraged to see such a high calibre of contenders to be considered for this initiative. By creating ample opportunities at all levels, we will be left with a more insightful industry that considers a range of cultural perspectives. We have chosen from a diverse range of candidates with varying backgrounds, and I very much look forward to working with all of our successful scholars.”

Lucie Caswell, MPA General Manager and Chief Policy Officer said:
“Our Scholars represent a music business reflective of our society and a bright future for our community. NXT-Gen Scholars is one, great initiative in our wider programme of work towards diversity and equality. We are committed to ensuring that opportunity, knowledge, recognition and inclusion are entry points for real change”.


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