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For the Benefit of ALL Music Publishing Members

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Employee Networks – commencing with: 
MPA AccessAbility and MPA Respect.

Click here to find out more about the MPA AccessAbility Employee Network.
Click here to find out more about the MPA Respect Employee Network.

These are the first two of our ten Employee Networks to be launched. Watch this space for more to follow!

The MPA is delighted to announce the launch of 10 new Employee Networks. The first two Employee Networks, MPA Respect (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) and MPA AccessAbility (Disability, Neurodiversity, long term physical illnesses etc.,) will be launched on Monday 4th July. The remaining 8 Employee Networks will be launched over the coming months.

All 10 of our Employee Networks have been assigned a MPA Employee Network Champion (Champion). These Champions include our Board Members, industry leaders and colleagues from our wider music publishing membership. Your Champions are here to ensure that your voice gets heard where it matters the most. Check out who they are and why they are involved below.

What is an Employee Network and what value would I and other members bring?
Many organisations have Employee Network programmes to empower and support employees within the organisation. Employee Networks are employee identity or experience-based groups that build community. They are sometimes known as Employee Resource Groups, Affinity Groups or Diversity Groups. Alongside building a community, they are generally based on providing support and contributing to personal and professional development in the work environment.

Employee Networks also bring value to the organisation, in our case to our Membership, as well as own business in several ways:

  • They build a sense of community and belonging for employees by connecting people in a social and professional way and encouraging interaction between employees, whether from the same or more than one organisation
  • They empower employees by giving each group a collective voice to speak with decision makers and management
  • They support learning and development by offering formal and informal leadership opportunities and creating visibility for employees who are active
  • They also provide a resource for leadership and decision makers regarding staff/community issues, needs and policies
  • They offer to the organisation their expertise and experiences to improve equality and equity
  • They can also be an asset in business decisions to make better, more inclusive products and services
  • Lastly, they support retention, because employees are likely to stay with the companies or industries longer if they have built or are part of a strong community within the organisation or industry and feel heard.

Psychological safety and sense of belonging are very important in order to empower employees and help them bring their whole self to work. Building a strong network or community is a very important step in creating this sense of belonging. 

Who is it for and can I attend?
Whether you have a lived experience, live with someone who has a lived experience, an ally or just someone who is interested in the subject matter. There will be an employee network just for you.

The Employee Network will be:
– Your psychological safe place
– Your platform where your voice gets heard by the leaders of our sector to influence positive change
– Your network where you can connect with your peers
– Your chance to be an employee network Chair, Co-Chair, events organiser and much more.

This is:
– Your chance to engage and make a difference.

How can I join?
If you would like to be involved with either of the Employee Networks, please contact Helen Choudhury
Email: [email protected] or give her a call on 07513 700785

How often are the meetings held?
The meetings will take place every other month on Microsoft Teams.
If you do not feel comfortable joining the Teams site and have any questions or want to contribute in another way, please feel free to contact Helen.

What are the names of your other eight employee networks?
MPA Respect and MPA AccessAbility will be followed by the launch of the following employee networks over 2022/23:
MPA Faith and Belief (FaB)
MPA Family
MPA Gender+
MPA Menopause
MPA Mental Health and Wellbeing
MPA SEM (Social Economic Mobility)

Meet our DEI Sponsor and our MPA Champion for AccessAbility and MPA Champion for Respect.
We all know that Leaders set the tone of the organisational culture and can have a profound impact on minority group members. Unless leaders are committed to improving diversity and embedding an inclusive culture, broader DEI initiatives have limited chance of success. At the MPA, we are committed to leading and influencing positive change!

Click on the links below to read their bios.

Paul Clements, DEI Sponsor
Jackie Alway OBE, MPA Champion for AccessAbility
Roberto Neri, MPA Champion for Respect

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