About the MPA


The MPA is the UK trade association for music publishers. We have around 240 members, covering every genre of music. From Adele to the Beatles and Skepta, our members represent the rights of a variety of songwriters & composers.

Why become a Student Member?


We know the Music Publishing industry can seem hard to break into but it is not a closed shop. The more you know, the better chance you have of getting where you need to go. We feel passionate about encouraging and supporting the next generation of industry professionals. Contacts are everything and it is a small world so make the most of everyone you meet. If you don’t at least have a basic idea of music publishing; what it is, why it is necessary and where it comes into play, you risk leaving money on the table.

The MPA Student Membership allows you unrivalled access to the music publishing community and the music industry as a whole. Whether you want to get a job in music publishing, start your own publishing company or just want to find out more and get involved in the business, please join us!




Career Help & Advice

  • Submit your contact details and CV to the MPA’s Job & Work Experience seekers list. This list is accessible to all our members, ensuring your details are in front of hiring companies.
  • Looking for a Professional Mentor? The MPA can look to hook you up with industry professionals who are open to mentoring.
  • The MPA can give feedback and advice on your CV if you like!

Events/Networking Opportunities

  • Great discounts on all MPA training including the industry renowned Induction Course for all those wanting to learn more about the ins and outs of music publishing.
  • Annual Student networking lunch with a publishing ‘amnesty’ Q&A to follow. This is a rare opportunity to get your questions answered by experts in the music publishing field, no question is too stupid.
  • Discounted or free attendance at selected member social events throughout the year.
  • A chance to win tickets to the legendary Christmas Lunch extravaganza, which hosts hundreds of delegates from across the music industry.


  • Your Student Member profile on the MPA Member directory – details to include; a brief bio stating what you are studying, the areas of work you are interested in, your skills, passions and experience to date.
  • Regular monthly events and general newsletters, keeping you up to date with what the MPA & Industry are up to.
  • Access to the Member’s section of the MPA website including all the MPA standard form agreements.

Joining Is Easy!


Subscription fee to become an MPA Student member is £25 per annum. Membership runs for a year from the date of joining. Students can join for a max of 4 consecutive years.


University Membership

Alternatively, why not ask your course leader to take out a University subscription on your behalf? £575 per annum for a University subscription gives 25 students access to the MPA Student Membership. Wider partnerships, including full University Membership, are also available. Please email kirsty.booth@mpagroup.com for more information or to discuss a more tailored package.


Please complete the MPA Student application form by clicking here.

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