How can I locate a piece of printed music?


Your first port of call should be your local music shop where staff have the expertise to track down what you are looking for.  Many printed music retailers have access to the MPA Catalogue of Printed Music and can help to track down and order a piece of printed music for you.

Contact your local MPA Catalogue retailer.

Other alternatives

Alternatively, a number of music publishers make their catalogues available online and some offer the opportunity to purchase and download printed music from their websites.

If you have been unable to locate a particular piece of printed music, as a last resort, the MPA will try to direct you to the copyright owner of the work who is responsible for determining whether or not a piece of music is to be made available in print. The fact that a work has been publicly performed or recorded does not guarantee that the music is available in print and sometimes music is only available on hire from the publisher.