Wellness Webinar: ‘Building Relationships and Building Your Own Identity’ with Music and You

Event Overview

The MPA invites you to join Jack Williamson for a Wellness Webinar on Building Relationships and Building Your Own Identity.

Join us for the third of a series of Wellness Webinars hosted by Jack Williamson, CEO and Founder of Music+You.

Jack is a BACP Trainee Psychotherapist, ICF Certified Coach and NLP Master practitioner. His experience and expertise make him uniquely placed to support the mental health of the music industry.

Building Relationships and Building Your Own Identity

This session will focus on a variety of different ways in which you can build long-lasting relationships with others, as well as building your own identity.

In this session the following topics will be covered:

  • How you can make a lasting impression and stick out from a crowd
  • Why truly knowing the individual you are building a relationship with can help enhance that relationship
  • How the company you keep can help or hinder building your relationships and shape your identity
  • How your actions can shape the re-actions of others

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Oct 06 2020

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