Specialist Seminar – How to Grow a Publishing Company

Event Overview

This is a two-part seminar that has been re-scheduled from 2017, it will run over two days, a week apart. Come to one or come to the other, but if you want the complete picture you should definitely come to both.

Covering financial backing, HR tips, A&R strategies, pitching, international support, hiring consultants and much more. This truly is a “one-stop shop” for everything you need to know to grow your business from the ground up.

You can find the full schedule and current list of speakers below, please note many more speakers will be added very soon.

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Online bookings available soon (prices below):
MPA Members: £85.00 + VAT per day or £160.00 + VAT for both days
AIM, BASCA, BPI, MMF, MPG, MU, FAC members: £120.00 + VAT per day or £230 + VAT for both days
All others: £145.00 + VAT per day or £280 + VAT for both days
Prices include refreshments and lunch.

Numbers are limited so booking early is highly recommended.

Please contact issy.dacre@mpagroup.com if you have any problems.

Mar 06 2018
PPL HQ, 1 Upper James Street London W1F 9DE

Sessions Include:

The Team – How to recruit the best

It’s no secret people make the company. How to recruit the right fit for your organisation and then retain and motivate the best staff is key in building a successful business. Here we cover all aspects of HR; how to recruit a star team, hiring apprentices and interns; the importance of HR policies, sourcing training, what to do when things go wrong; benefits and legal entitlements, and importantly, where to find advice.

The Talent – How to acquire, nurture and keep it

Writers are the cornerstone of any successful publishing company. With everyone chasing that next big writer, how do you find the ever elusive needle in a haystack? Once you’ve found that hidden gem, how do you then persuade them to sign to you, develop their career, keep them happy? Here we have some of the top execs in the industry give insider knowledge, tips and advice on how to attract and retain talent.

The Business – Which systems? DIY or Outsource?

The importance of data cannot be understated. From song registrations, to copyright splits to royalties and where to host your data; it’s a (very complicated) minefield that underpins our entire industry. Here we explore your options; whether building your own system outweighs buying one in, whether outsourcing to an external company is better than doing everything in house, and where to start to ensure your system is as future proof as it can be.

The money – grants, funding and JVs

Show me the money! Whether you’re looking for investment to expand, sign new talent, or just get the business off the ground, where do you look for funding? Here we explore options as to how to finance your venture, where to look for people to back your business and what kind of funding is right for you.

To book, please download the booking form here.


  • Remi Harris
    Co-Founder, Young Guns Network
  • Maria Forte
    Managing Director, Maria Forte Music Services Ltd
  • Neil Semple
    Head of Creative Content, Department for International Trade
  • Natalie Longden
    VP Human Resources, Warner Music Group
  • Kelly Stone
    Talent Acquisition Manager, Warner Music Group
  • Tim Dellow
    Co- Founder at Transgressive Records/ Publishing
  • Steve Lewis
    Steve Lewis, Founder & Consultant, Steve Lewis Music Services
  • Tom Makins
    Publishing Royalties Manager, The Music Royalty Co.
  • Roberto Neri
    Managing Director, Downtown Music Publishing
  • Paul s'Jacob
    Founder & Director, XS50
  • Justin Perry
    MD, Proof Songs
  • Jeff Stubberfield
    Director, Media Banking Office, Coutts
  • Jane Dyball
    CEO, MPA Group of Companies
  • Antonia Gilham
    General Manager, MPA
Mar 13 2018
PPL HQ, 1 Upper James Street London W1F 9DE

Sessions Include:

Networking – The importance of networking

The phrase “it’s not so much what you know, it’s who you know” is one that certainly rings true in our industry. Having the right contacts can deliver opportunities which might just break your writer or launch your business and mean that ever important introduction that leads to something amazing. Here we look for top tips from the best; how do you approach strangers? How to decide which events are worth going to for music publishers? What’s the best way to grow your network? After this session you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to make an impression and build your contact list.

Sub Publishing – How to find a sub publisher and other international options

Publishing is a truly international business with the British music publishing industry delivering £649m a year in exports to the British economy, so how do you get your share of that? Choosing your international partners is key but where to start? What is the difference between a sub-publisher and an affiliate, or should you be a direct member of collection societies internationally? Let us help guide you through

Who and how to choose

So which is the best lawyer for you? How about accountant? Or other professional services such as sync agencies or royalty trackers? Deciding who to choose can be a minefield, and getting it wrong can be costly. Here we explore how to work out what’s best for you and how to cut through the sales spiel you may be given by companies to work out what you actually need.

The pitch – Knock it out the park

So you have amazing talent, you believe in their work, but how do you deliver the perfect pitch? Whether it’s getting a cut on a record or pitching for sync here we discover the secrets to getting your writers out there from superstar pitchers, (and top execs being pitched to) in the business.

Success! – How we made it

Hear how they did it! These people have built diverse and successful businesses from the ground up. Here we take invaluable insights from success stories; what they’ve learned and where they’ve come from, alongside insider tips to avoid any pitfalls.

To book, please download the booking form here.


  • Mike Box
    Chief Financial Officer, Reservoir/ Reverb
  • Paulette Long OBE
    Director, Westbury Music
  • Ian Neil
    Director, Sony Music / Freelance Music Supervisor
  • Steve Farris
    A&R/Creative Manager, 13 Artists Publishing
  • Remi Harris
    Co-Founder, Young Guns Network
  • Jen O'Connell
    Director of Song Publishing & Licensing, Integrity Music
  • Anne Miller
    Managing Director, Accorder Music
  • Annette Barrett
    Managing Director, Reverb Music
  • Catherine Manners
    Director, Manners McDade
  • Jonathan Kyte
    Director - Global Publishing Services, BMG
  • Lynne McDowell
    Director of Communications, PPL
  • Rak Sanghvi
    Managing Director UK/International, Spirit B-Unique
  • Blair McDonald
    MD, AMLOR Music
  • Jay Mistry
    Owner, JM Consultancy
  • Sarah Williams
    Consultant Lawyer, MPA
  • Mike Sault
  • John Fogarty
    Founder, New Songs Admin & Minder Music
  • Jane Dyball
    CEO, MPA Group
  • Kirsty Booth
    Membership and Outreach Manager, MPA Group

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