MPA Specialist Seminar: Demystifying Digital

Event Overview

MPA Specialist Seminar – Demystifying Digital: Get to grips with the changing face of the digital market and uncover its history, opportunities and challenges. Take an in depth look at digital from a music publishing perspective; explore the future of digital and emerging markets for song rights with insights from our panel of experts.

This two day seminar will be on the 11th & 12th November. Bookings are now open, please fill in the booking form linked below and send it to [email protected]

Booking Form link here

Please note tickets are limited to 5 per organisation.

Venue – Tileyard, Gallery Space, Tileyard Road, Kings Cross, London, N79AH

If you have any questions please send them to [email protected]

Please find the programme below:

Day One

9:30am    Tea, Coffee and Registration

10:00am    Welcome

10:10am    History of the digital market

10:30am    From Start up to world domination: how did the big players get SO big?

11:00am    Digital Landscape – Global Performance; key territories and emerging markets around the globe

12:00pm    Tea, Coffee & Doughnuts

12:20pm    Option 3 – The potted story of how we got here

12:50pm   Multi Territorial In Action – The Negotiators 

1:30pm      Lunch

2:30pm     Digital Licensing Jargon busting – on the spot with MPA CEO

3:15pm      Tea & Coffee

3:35pm      Local Blanket Digital Licensing 

4:15pm      Networking 

5:00pm     END

Day Two

9:30AM     Tea, Coffee and Registration

10:00am    Welcome Back

10:10am    Key Note with Caroline Champarnaud from SACEM 

10:30am   The Data Business

11:15am   Data Disruptors;  In a world of Big Data, AI & Dashboards, what’s useful for Music Publishing?

12:00pm  Tea, Coffee and Registration

12:20pm   The power of lyrics in the digital age

1:20pm      Lunch

2:30pm    Future Technology and future audiences How will we reach fans? 

3:15pm     International Markets – digital consumers around the globe, how does publishing keep up?

4:00pm    Networking at Two Tribes Brewery, Tileyard 

6:00pm    END


Paul Clements, CEO, MPA

Lucie Caswell, General Manager & Chief Policy Officer, MPA

Sarah Williams, CEO, IMPEL

Caroline Champarnaud, Director of International Development, SACEM

Chris Cooke, CEO, Complete Music Update

Chris Carey, CEO, Media Insight Consulting

Johnny Phelan, Director General, ICMP

Debbie Stones, General Counsel, PRS for Music

Sam Sawyer, Chief Content Officer, 7 Digital

Nick Edwards, Head of Online. PRS for Music

Tom Fletcher, Manager, MCPS

Caroline Champarnaud, Director of International Development, SACEM

Mariya Kaperska, Head of Operations, Phoenix Music International

Matt Sansam, Innovation Lead, Innovate UK

Gregor Pryor, Partner, Reed Smith

Richard Constant, Consultant

Roberto Neri, Executive Vice President UK, Downtown Music

Tim Rawlinson, Director of Licensing, ICE

Gary Smith, Director of Product Management, ICE

Will Mills, Chief Revenue Officer, LyricFind


Cost Per Delegate

For MPA Members:

£107.50 + VAT (£129.00) per day or

£195.00 + VAT (£234.00) for both days.

For Members of AIM, BPI, ISM, Ivors Academy, MMF, MPG, MU, PPL Staff, PRS Staff, SMIA, Self-Employed or Student (with Student ID):

£160.00 + VAT (£192.00) per day or

£300.00 + VAT (£360.00) for both days.

For General Admission:

£197.50 + VAT (£237.00) per day or

£375.00 + VAT (£450.00) for both days.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Bookings can only be confirmed on receipt of a completed application form (online or via booking form), accompanied by a cheque or by notification of a secure BACS payment. A receipted invoice will be sent to the named contact after the booking has been confirmed. If the booking cannot be confirmed your cheque will be returned, or BACS payment reimbursed.
  2. Once the booking has been made, the MPA will issue a sales invoice within the next 7 working days.
  3. Once the booking has been confirmed, that person for whom the booking has been made will be contacted separately with full details of the event.
  4. No refunds can be made in connection with this event once your booking has been accepted and confirmed.
  5. In the unlikely event that the course is cancelled the MPA cannot be held accountable for any pre-booked travel costs.
  6. This event may be filmed for MPA promotional purposes and communications. By purchasing/registering you agree to: “)I agree that my participation in the content filmed by and for the Music Publishers Association (MPA), may be edited and shared at the sole discretion of the MPA. I consent to the use of my voice, likeness, biographical information and filmed appearance in connection with the activity participated in, for publicity and related promotional purposes. I expressly release the MPA and MPA employees and filming partners from any rights I may have and against any claims made or arising out of the creation and/or use of the filmed content participated in.

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Nov 11 2019
Tileyard, Gallery Space, Tileyard Road, Kings Cross LONDON N79AH

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