Choir With No Name announced as MPA’s 2018 charity of the year


The Music Publishers Association (MPA) is thrilled to announce Choir With No Name as their 2018 Charity of the Year.

Choir with No Name (CWNN) runs choirs for homeless and marginalised people across the UK. Everyone is welcome regardless of gender, colour, size or age. From pop, rock, soul and gospel to reggae and musical numbers, you name it they will give it a go…although we’re told they are yet to venture into thrash metal or grime!

CWNN has four choirs: two in London, one in Birmingham and one in Liverpool. Each choir gets together to rehearse every week and is given a decent hot dinner at the end of every rehearsal, which is vital.

There are many things that CWWN need help with, below are a few ways that you will be able to support them:

Venue hire – they rehearse 48 weeks of the year, so being able to fund their rehearsal venue hire every week is crucial! Finding venues that can accommodate their choirs, offering both a space to sing and room to sit down for a hot meal (with a kitchen to cook it in), is a rare find.

Food costs – they offer a nutritious hot meal to members after every rehearsal, this is as important to the members as singing together.

Event sponsorshipputting on gigs is one of the most important aspects of what CWNN do, offering members the experience of performing in front of an appreciative audience can restore a sense of self-worth and pride that they may have lost. It’s getting harder to secure funding for the cost of gigs and as CWNN grows it is necessary to find a venue that fits everyone.

Corporate gig sponsorship – is a key area for CWNN, particularly within the music industry where there is a common interest. Events such as CWNN’s Big Christmas Singalong at the iconic Brighton Dome plays a vital role in marketing and raising funds for the charity.

Rehearsal space – if your company have a rehearsal space for a choir this could also be a great help.

CWNN was founded on the premise that singing makes you feel good, it distracts from all the nonsense in life and helps people to build up their confidence and abilities.

CWNN is a lifeline for so many and we understand the importance of music…especially at Christmas time, so please reach deep into your pocket and kindly donate to this incredibly worthy cause. The MPA couldn’t be happier to be supporting such a worthy cause.

Learn more about the CWNN here and donate here.

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