Backbeat launches CWR processing service.


Backbeat launches CWR processing service. Machiavelli Music registers over 75,000 tracks with SIAE


Backbeat Solutions have launched a special CWR File creation service specifically aimed at Production Music Libraries to enable them to register large catalogues of songs with PRO’s. The service is offered to MPA Production Music member companies at a special price of 100 GBP for 10,000 tracks.

Chris Chambers, CEO of Backbeat stated, “This is a facility that we are able to offer using our existing software but for specific instances where a Library may have an urgent need to very quickly register large volumes of works but without wanting to deploy the software itself. As long as the Library can deliver the metadata of the tracks in a spreadsheet format then we will be able to return a CWR file for onward registration with a specific society”

Machiavelli Music from Italy has been first to take advantage of this service.

Pietro Giola MD of Machiavelli Music said “We urgently needed to register over 75,000 songs which we sub-publish from nearly 30 International Music Publishers so that we could meet the deadline imposed by our local society SIAE. We were unable to do this using the existing software at our disposal so we turned to Backbeat. We were delighted to discover they could help us and convert these many spreadsheets in a variety of formats into CWR files, all of which have now been accepted by SIAE”.

Chris Chambers further commented, “If a library subsequently chooses to deploy the full software package then any costs so far incurred through the CWR service are deducted from the annual software fee”. Utilizing the Backbeat system enables a company to output CWR files to many societies as often as they choose and then subsequently process the ensuing royalties for onward distribution to local writers and international publishers.

Common Works Registration (CWR) is a standard format for the registration and revision of musical works. CWR provides for all of the data elements necessary for a Publisher to register a work at a Performing or Mechanical Rights Society.

The service was initially unveiled this year at MIDEM where Backbeat Solutions were invited to speak at the Production Music Committee meeting.



Backbeat Solutions

Backbeat Solutions offer a royalty and registration system to both Record Labels and Music Publishers with the power to process huge swathes of digital data whilst maintaining flexibility, scalability and agility. Machiavelli Music joins an increasing list of nearly 40 clients which includes Hal Leonard Europe, Altafonte Music Publishing, the Music Sales Group, Motus and Tru-Thoughts Recordings.


Machiavelli Music was founded in 1989 in Turin and has a catalogue spanning over 700,000 tracks from music companies all around the world. These tracks are offered to customers for use in film, television, radio and other media.

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