MCPS publishes Request for Proposals (RfP) to administer MCPS and IMPEL’s operations

The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Limited (MCPS), the UK collection society that licenses mechanical rights in musical copyrights on behalf of over 26,000 music publisher and composer members, has issued a Request for Proposals (RfP) inviting third parties to tender proposals to administer certain areas of its business and all back-office operations, including the online business for independent music publishers – Independent Music Publishers e-Licensing (IMPEL) with a start date as early as 1st January 2017.

The move is intended to simplify and make available more MCPS and IMPEL licensing schemes online, to drive cost savings, and to streamline current business processes. It will cover all areas of MCPS activities, including IMPEL.

The RfP’s key strategic objective is commercial: to allow MCPS and its membership a greater opportunity to grow their business, to allow greater control in the valuation of their rights, and to ensure best-in-class back office services.

It also aims to create significant efficiencies for MCPS customers, including TV and radio broadcasters, digital services, advertisers and other commercial music users.

From today, submissions are invited from interested parties until a deadline of 18:00 BST on Thursday 30th June.

Any business enquiries about the RfP should be directed to Tom Fletcher:

MCPS’ administrative functions are currently undertaken by PRS for Music who, since July 2013, have acted under a service contract likely to end on 31st December 2016.

Established in 1924, and owned by the Music Publishers Association, MCPS joined an operational alliance with the Performing Rights Society Limited in 1997, known as the MCPS-PRS Alliance. The two organisations announced the restructuring of their partnership in 2013 - with MCPS moving to its current status as client of PRS for Music, and with MCPS appointing its own management team.

Jane Dyball, CEO of the MPA Group of Companies including MCPS and IMPEL, said:

“Having weathered some fairly difficult years and fast-tracked achievement of our most recent business plan, MCPS is now at a major turning point in its history. We are a company with a £140m annual turnover but which has decided that we are not in the business of building pipes and machines. In a fast-moving data-driven environment, it is therefore essential that we find the best back-office solution via a competitive tender so that we can be more responsive to the needs of our members and our customers.

"This will allow the management team to focus our attention on growing our revenues. The Board has a firm belief that the mechanical right is an essential right for every music-related business. By licensing at appropriate value, and making it easy for licensees to buy our members’ rights, we are convinced that growth is not only possible but inevitable.

"However, this requires a major reboot in terms of how we operate. This is the underlying purpose of the RfP.”

For media enquiries please contact Jen Hall - / 020 3741 3808


Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society Limited is a UK collection society owned by the Music Publishers Association Limited (“MPA”). The MPA is a company limited by guarantee, with over 260 members. These include the world’s largest music publishers, independent pop publishers, classical publishers, production music publishers and printed music publishers. MCPS has over 20,000 writer members and over 6,000 publisher members and offers blanket licences, licensing schemes and individual licences on behalf of its members.

The mechanical rights encompass (i) the right to make (or authorise) recordings that reproduce a musical work, (ii) the right to import (or authorise importation of) such recordings and (iii) the right to issue (or authorise the issue of) such recordings to the public. The rights controlled by MCPS are licensed to licensees in three main areas of business: recorded media, online and broadcast.

Independent Music Publishers e-Licensing is an entity through which independent music publishers have united to license their online mechanical rights for multi-territory licensing for the benefit of their members and digital services. Their repertoire covers songs recorded by everyone from Elvis Presley to Bruno Mars via the Rolling Stones and Julie Andrews.