Business services

Music publishing is an integral part of the UK’s world-leading music industry. Publishers have built their success upon a passion for great music, an entrepreneurial spirit, and sound business judgement. The MPA exists to support and encourage these qualities.

  • The MPA negotiates various guidelines, standard form licences, schemes and agreements, saving our members time and money.
  • Template contracts are available exclusively to MPA members.
  • MPA members can take advantage of a free 15 minute legal advice helpline with a leading law firm.
  • The MPA actively protects copyright, through our contribution to industry-wide initiatives, and by acting against individual websites offering unlicensed sheet music, tablature and lyrics.
  • The MPA is the UK agency for ISMNs, a unique numbering system for printed music equivalent to ISBNs for books.
  • Need a meeting space in central London? The MPA Boardroom (wi-fi equipped) are available for members to use
  • MPA members can advertise job vacancies free of charge on the MPA’s website.
  • Liaison meetings are arranged between MPA members and service providers such as Counterpoint.
  • The MPA provides a mediation service for our members and we actively encourage our members to consider mediation as a way of resolving disputes.
  • The MPA has secured the active interests of a number of expert musicologists whose knowledge and skills our members may wish to draw upon. This might be required when faced with an authorship dispute or the possibility that a new work plagiarises an existing work.  

The MPA is constantly working to expand the range of benefits and services it offers in response to our members’ requirements.